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Certificate revolcation


Reasons for termination of the Qualified Electronic Signature Certificate may be, but are not limited to, the following:

  • loss, theft, change, unauthorized discloser or other discredit of the personal key;
  • termination of the representative authority of the person in relation to the legal entity, registered in the certificate content;
  • termination of the subscriber's legal entity;
  • death or interdiction of the person;
  • disclosure that the certificate was issued based on incorrect data;
  • change in the information contained in the subscriber's certificate;
  • failure to fulfill the subscriber's obligations, resulting from the Qualified Service Contract and Terms and Conditions of using Qualified Electronic Signature /CPS/;
  • subscriber's request

The documents you need to carry with you when visiting our office with the purpose to terminate an electronic signature certificate are as follows:

  • identity document /ID card/ of the author of the certificate;  
  • a document, certifying their representative authority - a notary sealed power of attorney. Power of attorney examples can be found here.

In the Stampit offices you should sign only a request for termination of an electronic signature certificate.

More about the procedure of QES termination

The terminated certificate is included in the list of terminated certificates, maintained by Stampit - you can look at it here

After terminating a certificate, the client may apply for a new certificate and upon payment of the due fees and successful completion of the issuance procedures he/she can obtain a new Stampit certificate.

More information about a new certificate issuance and the required documents for it can be found here.

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